Get Your Child Writing Like a Pro With These 3 Simple Exercises!

You Will Learn...

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    The Common Causes of Handwriting Problems
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    Simple Exercises That Make It Better
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    Things you SHOULD DO
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    And Things you should NEVER DO if you want success
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    And more!

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Good handwriting skills for children is very important. It increases their participation in school which helps them to retain the information they are given. It also makes them more motivated to do their school work because they are not dreading having to write. If not addressed early on it can become devastating to their confidence in their school work, with their peers and with overall school activities. It can interfere with all aspects of their life including their self-esteem, health, and productivity.

What You'll Discover in this Free Video Lesson (3-Part):

  • Boost Confidence
    See how better handwriting skills will boost your child's confidence in class and with their peers. 
  • Increase Performance
    Find out how you can test your child's improvements and overall writing performance. 
  • Provide Relief
    Learn ways to ease the discomfort your child may feel when trying to write. 
  • Gain Speed
    Assess your child's current skills and learn how you help them improve their handwriting speeds. 

What Others Are Saying About...

"Ohana is Awesome! My son has much improved in the very short amount of time we've been with them."
-Lori D., Leavenworth

"We are so thankful for Mary and the work she has been doing with our son! He has made amazing improvements in just a short time and we expect so much more!"
-Melinda and Mike S., Wenatchee

"The advances in skills, I believe, are a direct result of the knowledge, care and hands on dedication that Mary exhibits during every visit with my son."
-Josie K., Dryden

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